Monday, May 15, 2017

Ginko Leaf

My beautiful helper models my Ginko Set.
I my back yard there is ginko tree. It is fully green now and glistens in the all to persistent rain. In the autumn the leaves will turn a glorious yellow and in one day they will rain down with a persistence unequaled buy other trees. It is no wonder that I am inspired to use the ginko leaf motif in some of my jewelry. 

The Ginko leaf pattern in this set starts with my Dragon Parts stamp. When I design my stamps I think about what the parts will look like in isolation. By choosing carefully the person using the stamp can get dozens of designs from one large stamp. I like incorporating the bits into one picture so that the user of  the stamp is given the creative choice of where a design begins and ends.


Susan said...

What beautiful work, Joan! I love the ginko leaves, the delft pot, the crows and the birds on pots. Recently, an employee of a large hardware store in town asked me about my earrings - a set of your owls that I was wearing. He really liked them and wanted to buy owl earrings for his daughter, who loves the birds and collects them in several forms. I told him about you and your web site, but promised to ask you about your current collection of owl earrings. Do you still make them? Is it possible to see some on your web site? Thank you - oo - oo - ooo....

Carrie said...