Monday, June 20, 2016

Butterfly Cold Cuts

I have discovered something about making tiny butterflys with distorting the shape of the wings. I saw Victoria Hughes make lovely little inclusions by cutting simple cooked canes. Something brought to mind again by a friend who uses this technique to make surprisingly real looking miniatures. Finally the light came on. This is the way to keep my smallest butterflies from going wonky.

1. First you make a butterfly. The top and bottom wings are a little different, but I guess you could make them the same.

2. Reduce the cane and cook tiny ones with the wings the right shape ;and in the right position.

3. Cut the cooked canes when they are hot. This makes them much easier to cut. - So I guess these would be hot cuts.

4. You can apply the cooked cane slices to a raw clay back. The wings a rigid but that adds to the realistic look so a butterflies.

5. This one really was a cold cut but when using the butterfly cane at this size it is bit as useful to cook it ahead. In this case the butterfly is part to a whistle.