Thursday, November 5, 2015

Flowers of Different Colours

I have been longing to try this. The goal was to produce a number of different colours of flowers in one cane. I really had more pressing things to do but what is the use of being your own boss if you can't slack off and play sometimes? So here goes:

1. I started by setting up the clay for group of Skinner blends. You could do this without the white but I think that it made in easier to line up the colours when I put the final cane together.

2. here is the cane divided into five sections for the five petal of each flower.

3. I have rolled up the clay into five rolls of the same length. I compressed the rolls by pushing the ends but this would not be entirely necessary.

4. I have put a layer of gold clay on the outside of my rolls. This is not necessary but if you do what to wrap the rolls leave a space open so you can match up the colours when you assemble to canes into a flower cane. I have made a center cane that will be the same for all the flowers.

 ( Someone came into the studio at this point and distracted me so I didn't take a picture of assembling the canes into a flower cane. I used translucent clay to fill in the spaces between the petals.)

5.)Here are some of the canes that resulted.

6. I manager to finish one cooked sample of the flower canes on a black back ground.

(Yes I realize that I spelt colour with a "u", but that is just how we do it in Canada.)

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