Thursday, January 1, 2015

Sgraffito - From Russia with Love

See how t make something wonderful.
This is going to be my January project. This technique generously share on a Russian site. There is a translation into English at the end of each of the Russian directions. 

I encourage people to try this out.

Quoted from the Russian site. "Sgraffito (ital. sgraffito or grafrito – “scratched”) is a decorating technique produced by scratching the upper layer of plaster to reveal a contrasting successive layer. It’s an old technique widely used in ceramics to decorate archaic vases of Greece and Etruria. In 15 – 17 centuries it spread in Italy as a technique of wall decor ( mainly in facades due to its fastness). From Italy it spread further to other countries (like Germany, Czech Republic). Sgraffito was widely used in the decorative art of architecture of the 20th century."

There are a number of ceramist example of  srgaffito which are definitely worth a look. Enjoyed a browse through the studio of
Patricia Griffin, a ceramic artist-potter in Cambria, Ca.
A note worth example by ceramicist Patricia Griffin

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