Sunday, January 4, 2015

First Whistle In

The first whistle picture to be sent in. Kevin's whistle
Yesterday I got the first picture of a whistle that someone else made using my tutorial. There was  a small glitch be that will be easily overcome. If I am take the time to make a whistle as elaborate this one I usually cook it twice before decorating it.  So that you Kevin for the picture and the feed back.

Here is what Kevin said:
"I attach a pic of my first whistle as I thought you might like to see it! Unfortunately it cracked on the second bake so I guess the core was a little too big; I tried to get a very snug fit to make it work but was obviously too snug. Will try again.
Thanks for a fab tutorial :)


You can more about what is going on in Southern England with polymer clay and ook at Kevin food blog.

Thanks for the input Kevin..

And is you would like to get the tutorial click here.

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