Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Background Textures

Here is how to make a stamp with a back ground texture. I am sure that there are lots of people doing this but I haven't seen a tutorial for it so here goes;

1.) Choose a texture sheet that has a low relief, regular texture.(There are lots of texture sheet or found textures that will work for this.)

2.)Run the texture sheet through your pasta machine with a thin sheet of well conditioned clay that is liberally dusted with cornstarch.. ( It may take several attempts to get the right setting for this because it depends on the thickness of your texture sheet and the settings on your pasta machine.)

3.) Lay the sheet of texture raw clay on a tile or other flat bakeable surface.

4.) Use and sharp pointed Exacto knife to cut a free hand pattern, or you a can make pinprick through a pattern to give you points of reference for a pattern that you have drawn on paper.  Remove the excess clay as you go. Do not try to move the pattern that you are creating. It will stay in place until it is completely cooked. ( I would cook this at 280 Fahrenheit for at least 30 minutes.)

5. ) When it is thoroughly cooled you can remove the new texture sheet from the tile. (A pallet knife is good for this.)

6.) Rub the surface of the new texture sheet with Armoral or anything that you would use to make it resistant to clay adhering.

7.) Now you can use the new texture sheet to press into clay, either directly or using a pasta machine. The result looks a lot like pressed metal or leather. ( I like to use cornstarch to keep texture sheet from sticking to the raw clay.) 

I have used this effect for my shawl pins but it will work in many different projects.


Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

This is a great technique, Joan... I don't think I have come across this method, either. Thanks for sharing!

Bonnie Blackburn said...

Very good technique. I am new and don't know much about polymer clay. Is this pattern your own design or if not, where did you find the design. I like both.

Thank you!


joan tayler said...

The pattern in the foreground is my own the back ground texture for this stamp came from a plastic texture card from an old Barbie toy.