Tuesday, August 28, 2012

On International Sales and Post Canada

On the 7th of July I sent some of my knitting needle to Switzerland. My first international wholesale order. It as sent surface mail – 6 to 8 weeks to delivery – no insurance available. So for 8 weeks I have been wondering if my work was safe and sound. This morning I received this email:

Hello Joan
We received your knitting needles! We are completely happy, we are sure our customers we also love them.
There so beautiful and detailed, your are a great artist, thank you so much that you let us have them.
Wish you a wonderful day.
Best regards
CH-8180 Bülach

This made me very happy but I don’t think I want to wait  eight weeks ever again. The postal service may be wonderful but I am too much of a worry wart to trust even them to take good care of my babies.


2 Good Claymates said...

I know from experience that the problem is when you can't fit your items into a bubble pack envelope and through that wonderful "magic slot" Canada Post can really leave you in a real lurch! That was a long time though. I sent a large package to India and they received it in less than 2 weeks. Makes you wonder about Canada's system, doesn't it?

Nola said...

thrI love the knitting needles Joan. great idea...you've gone international! I have to say they make it really hard to sign in for commenting..

Nola said...

o.k I have got the hang of it now. Not sure what thrl means . I'm looking for the recommendation you gave for your new oven aquite awhile ago.

joan tayler said...

For the oven recommendation look and my August 30, 2011 post. And thanks for commenting Nola