Friday, August 31, 2012

Light on the Right

Notes and pictures - lest we not forget

Light on the right
Yesterday I spend a good part of the day conditioning clay and making blends. I was the only one in the studio so it was a meditative process.  I thought of a couple of ideas that I would like to share. One is on note taking. I always mean to do write up my notes later but I never get around to it so I decided to act in the moment. From now on I will write my notes while I am working on something and take a photo of the clay and the note. I think that this will work better for me, even if it is just a backup for thoughtful note writing when the project is finished.

The other hint that I want to share is a way of being consistent while making Skinner blends. That is always keeping the lighter colour on the right – nothing political - just a way of keeping everything even because they is often tiny differences in the gap between the rollers of the pasta machine from left to right. This works for me anyway.

The summer holidays official end for many people this week end. I hope everyone had a good summer. For those of us in the craft and art business this marks the time we make a frantic effort to have everything ready for winter holiday craft fair season.  I will go forth, blade in hand and trusty pasta machine at my side. May my oven not fail me now.


2 Good Claymates said...

Ahhhhh.... that is a great tip Joan! I always make notes and then forget where I put them! lol! Not so funny though when I am tearing my studio apart looking for them! ha ha.

I also take photos but never thought of including them in the picture! Thanks so much for the tip and wishing you an oven that keeps on going....


A Half-Baked Notion said...

I would add that your blog is a great place to track your projects. I am trying to become more consistent with the photo-journalling. I normally arrive at the finished product, and realize that, in my zeal, I haven't taken a single pic of the process!