Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Should be Crabby

I got a lot done today. That is mostly because I have been up since 1:30 AM. I got to sleep at 9:30 so I did get a little sleep. I made a lot of whistles, did the shopping and worked in the studio. Some of the work I did may be a step backward instead of forward but that is how it goes some days. One of the things I did that was not on the agenda  was play with one of my stamps. Here is the result. By using one small part of the stamp you can get and effect that doesn’t look crabby at all.

One of the best things today was this from Carole in England,
“P.S.  As a polymer newbie, I'm finding your Blog one of the most helpful sites I've come across - thank you!”
This really makes me happy.

My next goal is to actually get a little more sleep tonight. This was not my sharpest day.

An Etsy note. The Fish and Crab stamp is still available.

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Veryprettything said...

You are my blogging hero : )