Friday, August 17, 2012

At a Good Clip

Something new - pin curl style hair clips
A number of time customer have asked me to make this kind of clip. I had always ment to get around to it, but now that I am growing my hair out the reason people wanted these little clips became clear. With one hand I can adjust them to keep the hair out of my eyes. I have to grow my hair out because it will be easier to demonstrate how to use my hair sticks. I have be borrowing customers heads to do this for the last little while and now it will only be a matter of years before I will be able to demonstrate on myself. In the mean time I thank the patient customers that let me do up their hair in my booth at craft and farmers markets.

I have post a couple of pairs of these clips on Etsy and more will follow if they are as popular with others as they are with me. For Indigo Clip or Dragon Clips click these links.

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