Sunday, August 5, 2012

Almost Live from the Pokadot Tent

Tomorrow will be the last day of the Filberg Festival. The weather has co-operated, if a little to warm for some. My tent is in a great location, right between the entrance and the exit, under a mulberry tree. It is fun to watch the people stop by for a snack. The tree is covered with blackberry like fruit with no thorns.

The market awake

My tent and the mulberry

The polka-dot tent
When I get home I will get to find out how to remove mullbrry stains. I experimented with cold water on one of the hanging and I don't think it will be a problem. If the spots don't come out I will have an excuse to doodle over the whole tent.


Anonymous said...

Yum mulberries. I tried them for the first time in Pergamom in Turkey. They taste like honeydew melon. I hope this year was a great success. I'm so glad the weather cooperated. The tent looks great.
Deb Groom

Nola said...

Pour boiling water over a berry stain.. Disappears like magic!

A Half-Baked Notion said...

I don't have to worry about tent stains, but it's good to hear that boiling water does the trick. I'll certainly have occasion to find out as we're in the midst of berry season here in N.B. Joan, it seems you could not have had better weather for your event. Hope the sales have been great, too!

Sunnisan said...

you can get rid of berry stains in any fabric that can hold up under boiling water. no soap, no nothin' - just boil and pour while it's still bubbling. it'll wipe that stain right out.

joan tayler said...

Thanks for the advice. Turns out the soap and water and any magic that the laundromat owner could provide did the trick. Half the water proofing came out too but I am now water proof and ready to go. No more polka dot tent.