Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Slant on Coming Home

Hair pins - and unexpected success
Under the skiff on the way back
Filberg was great and usual and this year was even better because I was able to stay with friends. The festival closed earlier this year, at 6 instead of 8 so there was actually time to visit. We even had time to fit in two claying sessions. Tuesday morning I headed home from Comox.

I arrive at the ferry terminal to be told at the gate that I would not be able to board a ferry until 12:40. Since it was not yet 11:00 I settled in for a wait. I managed to get all cozy lying in the front seat with my feet up against the passenger side window, water and toasted almond at hand, and a talking book on the
CD player. Very comfortable if you are not to choosy. After a few chapters I hear a tap the window. I open my eyes to see the friendly face on a ferry lot attendant saying “ Are you alright?” “Sure, I am just listening to a book,” I reply. “Well you should be getting on the ferry now,” said the young attendant said trying not to laugh. I scrambled into and upright position and started the motor.

On to the ferry I drove and up the ramp and … Well stop right there. Blocks were put my station wagon’s back tires and there we were under the bow of and aluminum skiff. It felt like a 45 degree angle but I guess it was much less then that. I put on my sandals and went to the upper deck to draw in my sketch book and chat with some visitors from Japan.

And so I am home again.  Today unpack and organize and with some luck back to clay tomorrow.

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