Monday, August 20, 2012

A Model Weekend

 Yesterday and Saturday I took the week-end off from markets. Saturday I: water proofed my market tent with my husband's help (that took part of Sunday too), took some product shots ( attempting to use the tent and a giant light box), and went to visit a friend on the North Shore (doing shopping on the way so that I would not be wasting the trip). Sunday I did production all day. Well, I spiced it up with a little innovation. I think the my next online tutorial will be the wafer bead, I will try to get that out before the end of the month.

Now the week begins. I have to get busy because I have a couple of markets this coming weekend. An so goes the carefree life of the artist.

Some of the weekends work: whistles, shawl pins, and wafer bead bracelet.
A young customer from out of town with a new pair of earrings.

My young model in the tent as a light box. The model was great but not sure about the tent.

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Liz said...

I like the finish on your wafer bracelet and other pieces. It has that kind of faded worn look that really appeals to me.