Thursday, July 26, 2012

Without Their Pants On

Into the oven for the third time.
When ever I have this much time invested in a tray of work, take a photo before I but it in the oven. This tray of nearly completed enros has take many, many hour to get this far and they don’t even have there pants on. I am hoping to get them near completion today. I might be finishing them on the ferry to Vancouver Island but they will be done for the Filberg Festival.

As usual I am both looking forward to and dreading next week went at this time of day I will be in the middle on setting up my tent for the Friday opening of the festival. The weather looks like it will be cooperating – so I will just hope that I can get enough sleep and remember all the little bits, beads, and buttons.


Quipay Adventures said...

Love this pick!!!!

Jane Perala said...

I look forward to seeing you. I need another whistle - mine fell off and got driven over - boo hoo.

Nola said...

I wish I could retire and be your volunteer assistant!