Friday, July 27, 2012

Two with their Pants On

Inros close up

Inros Mooning?
I still have to drill, sand and polish most of the inros that I finished this morning. Then they have to be strung as pendants. This will take a while so I finished these two up so that I would have something to post today on this blog.

Both enro are made using my Dragon Parts rubber stamp. The green one is made for a uncooked mokumegane sheet the my friend Ellen made. Ellen has a technique that she will be teaching at Horizon’s, the guild’s biennial retreat. Horizons is not until next February 2013 so I hope to have a tutorial on making inro finish by then to go along with Ellen’s mokumegane lesson.

Back to packing and production.

What is and enro?
An enro served as a little box that was used to carry small items and medicine. It hung from the obe (beltP of the Japanese Kimono.


Nola said...

These are wonderful!! I love the idea of this its much like the Aboriginal medicine bag. The stamp works beautifully here.

Liz said...

Love your enros, Joan. The triangle accent in the 'crotch' is a really nice touch.