Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Play, Production and Experimentation

Every day I try to balance how much time I spend on play, production and experimentation. Much of the production time doubles and play. Each time I make a production piece it is like a tiny challenge to change it a little for the better or to get the structure just the little bit more accurate. However, experimentation in my weakness. I would be happy spending most of my time on this but usually the experiments do not result in things that I can sell. So the experiments are the treats.

On this tray of earring pendant sets that I am getting ready for the Filberg Festival you will see a odd rectangle pair on the left, green ones with a paua shell on the tops. I have a feeling that the paua will not be able to take the heat of the oven but I have to find out. I think that I will have to put a little dam around them incase there is a coating on the shells that will melt. Results, tomorrow.

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Beadwright said...

Wow very nice.