Monday, July 16, 2012

Little round Buttons

Little buttons dancing on a crocheted neck piece.
Saturday was glorious. Sun and a light breeze, a lovely day at the market but as can be expected in our rain forest climate we were blessed with rain on Sunday. Since it was not a market day for me I was home snug and dry working on production as usual and taking a lot of time playing with clay – more about that , maybe tomorrow.

Yesterday was little round button day. I started making these little buttons for studio mate Carmen to decorate her felt hats and shawls. Since people kept asking Carmen where they could buy these buttons she suggested that I make some to sell to knitters. I will try them out this weekend at the Ladner Vilage Market. It will be one of my special Button and Bead days when it will be selling a variety of buttons and bead to those creative people that what to ad a little local colour to their creations.

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Nola said...

that's a beautiful thing