Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Clearing the Field

Desk cleaning veneer
It always takes me lot of time clearing my work surface after a bout of “flowers and leaves”. (the last bout was knitting needles and a few new earring.) There are always little bits of cane that are to small or slightly damaged that I find it hard to through into the scrape piles.

This is the idea that I came up with today. I laid down a thin layer of a neutral green and arrange the bits on it, I even did a flew slices of odds and end that I had not lain flat. I press the slices down with my fingers and rolled the whole thing flat, first with my acrylic roller and  then through the pasta machine. Here is the veneer that I created. I might take a little more care next time. It will look a little different when it is cooked – I will do a before and after when make something with it.


Monique U. said...

I'm glad you linked to this post yesterday; I had missed it somehow. I call these "PC fabric" and I'm a little(?) addicted... it's almost like painting, isn't it? A nice neutral or low contrast mokume gane works beautifully as a background, too. I confess to "planning" leftovers as an excuse to make more fabric!

joan tayler said...

I have use PC fabric/veneers in paintings. It is like making paper to collage with. I am looking forward to making some larger wall pieces for a show next February.