Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Bug in the Hand

A couple of weeks ago a customer at Kitsilano Farmers Market asked my if I was familiar with the work of Lea Stein. I was not. The customer urged me to take a look at her work, especially the Cicada Broach. My curiosity was peaked and I googled Lea Stein when I got home. ( go take a look )

I am excited about her work. It will translate nicely into polymer clay. I would not copy her work for sale but I find it a good exercise to try to imitate a master now and then. My cicada lacks the slender elegance of Lea Stein’s but this is a first attempt. I am looking forward to trying more work inspired by this prolific artist.


Monique U. said...

I also had not known about Lea Stein's designs. I found it interesting that much of her work seems to have been in plastics. Yet today I read about many PC artists still perceiving a lack of respect for their medium because it is "only plastic" (especially in countries where the PC community is less developed).

joan tayler said...

That is what we want, a little respect. I make the comparison to acrylic paint when I describe polymer clay. That's plastic too but somehow it became more respect because it was marketed to artists from the beginning . PC has been marketed so heavily to children that some people find it hard to take seriously as an art medium.