Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What I Didn’t Know About Stamping

Yesterday I found a video that show how to ink a larger stamp and how to use a mask. This information brought my stamping ability from about 1% to almost 20% in a few hours. ( arbitrary percentages are a good way to feel that I am making some progress). The other lesson I learned is; if you ever find a tutorial on line that you think that you might want to look at again – save the link. I was going to put link for the video here but I have not been able to find it again but here is what I learned:

Print the foreground image first ( in this case it is the red fish). Then print an thin piece of paper with the exhausted stamp and trimming the impression to make a mask the will be placed over the first impression so it will not be over inked by the back ground stamp. 

Now comes the big thing. I have been having trouble inking larger stamps without a brayer but there is a really easy way to ink a larger stamp. Turn the stamp pad upside down and pat it over the surface of the stamp then place the paper you want to stamp on top of the inked stamp and rub the back of the paper with your hand. It worked great and the larger stamps do not have to be mounted which saves storage space and means I can still put the stamp through my pasta machine for polymer clay work.

This will be the barest of basics to anyone who knows how to stamp but it was a revelation to me.Now I am going to do a little more A and D on polymer clay – oh yes, production work too.


Liz said...

Hey Joan
I really like your new fish stamp. Are you going to put it up on Etsy or can we buy directly from you?

joan tayler said...

Hi liz

I am going to have on Etsy really soon. Monday is my personal dead line.