Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Market Reds and a Strawberry Cat

Local strawberries red and tasty
Peppers for local green houses
 On Sunday I set up at Ladner Market in time to walk around and see the rest of the vendors. People were still setting up and I was in a rush to see everything but I paused to see to take a few pictures. As I was take some shots of strawberries one of the young women in the stall said – “Look at this cat. He likes the smell of strawberries”. Sure enough there was the largest cat I have ever seen standing on his back legs, nose headed for a basket of strawberries. He began to cry and I realized that he had his claw stuck in the edge of the table. He was too heavy to rise up and free his paw. He was getting quit upset. The strawberry vendor tried to free him but the cat hissed and growled so she would not go near him. I went into the stall and lifted the big cat enough so the young women could bat his paw with her wallet to free him from the table. I immediately tried to get a picture of the cat but he had gone into hiding, embarrassed I guess. I am looking forward to the next Ladner Market on the eighth of July to hunt down this cat who has a reputation for visiting market stalls.

The henna booth ready to decorate customers

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