Friday, June 22, 2012

Grasping at Straws

Straws and tubes with knitting needle pusher-outers

Some graded polymer clay roles and some wool rovings.

One of my favourite tools is a drinking straw. Well, not actually just one drinking straw but straws of different diameters to make holes in raw clay. The thin edges seem to cut cleaner then metal tubes. The problem is finding straws in various diameters. It is a sad day when a favourite straw packs it in and a delight when someone’s drink comes with a straw on a desired diameter. I have to restrain myself from going to the waiter and pleading for a few more straws or looking around the room for other straws that I can snatch off unsuspecting diners plates – or – or let me not stoop to going through the restaurant’s garbage. Maybe I should just ask the waiter after all.

Anyone have a source of drinking straws of various diameters? Preferably ones that don’t bond with Polymer clay.

An just so things are not to boring. Here is some things that are going on in the studio.

And more rovings made by my studio mate Carmen


Roberta said...

Oh you are too funny! I had the same problem. When I was working my office had the perfect sized straws for my holes. I would grab a handful every day and I had a nice supply for a while. Then I was laid off and ran out of straws. I prowled the coffee shops, and sandwich shops to no avail. Too big. Too small. Too much wrapping on them. Then my husband found some at his office. Lo and behold I now have a new supply. If he gets laid off I am screwed.............sigh

vancouverpolyclayers said...

So nice to know there are kindred spirits out there. Maybe I should start a straw exchange. Like - "person with 3mm straws hoping to exchange with person with 2.75mm straws."

2 Good Claymates said...

You can check the dollar stores -- they sometimes have packages of different types of straws and are cheap -- maybe one dollar for 100 or so straws.

I bought a package of the little cocktail straws and love the little tiny hole they make. They are also very sturdy and can reuse over and over.