Friday, April 6, 2012

Being Egged On

Lately I have been writing more and blogging less. I am trying to write a couple of tutorials and I now appreciate how much work goes in to one. It is so much easier to just show someone in person.

How about video? Well I am trying to get my head around the medium. Everything takes time. There is so much to do that I look forward to my clay production time as relaxation time, listening to a novel and glancing out the window now and then. Life is sweet.

out the window Yoko watches bicycle coming up the BikeWay
I have recently had some copies made of the texture sheet that I used to make my Easter Egg buttons last year. Of course the Sun Balloon Texture Sheet is not limited to making Easter Eggs. I just haven't had the time to doing other things with it.

Sun Balloon texture sheet

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