Thursday, March 8, 2012

Much Stronger than You Would Think

The pieces on your left are cooked version of the ones on the right
I wanted to have some record of how different translucent colours looked before and after they are cooked. This is not an orderly way of approaching the matter, but until I sit down and do something more orderly this will serve as a reminder. If you want pastels in translucent clay you have to dilute the coloured translucent clay with a lot on non-coloured translucent clay.

Many people use ink to make translucent work but I am wary of inks and dyes because in the old days they were thought to be fugitive – meaning that the colours would fade over time.

The Question of the Month
Do inks and dyes fade when they are used in polymer clay? Are the pieces made with these pigments colour fast?


Roberta said...

Oh dear. I hope not. Let's ask Lynda Moseley..........she is the queen of alcohol inks and clay.

Roberta said...

Ok. So I checked in on this important subject with Lynda. Here is what she said and I quote:

"I'm sure it's possible and would depend on a number of variables, including the type clay (Pardo being beeswax derivative may be affected differently than a regular polymer clay, for instance) and how high a temp it was baked at initially, etc. I don't worry about it fading myself, but I don't have any beads on hand that are more than a year old. None of them have faded, and my customers have never complained about fading. I've been adding alcohol inks for 5 years and not a peep from anyone with a fading complaint.

Pinata inks are more concentrated than Ranger, however. There is probably less of a chance of Pinata inks fading... just my thoughts, no proof..."

She goes on to say…... but you might tell her to email the people at Ranger/Adirondack and Pinata, too. Alcohol inks weren't created for polymer, but I would think they did some testing before marketing it that way... just a thought."

You bring up some good points and perhaps we should check with the manufacturers......

Joan Tayler said...

Thanks Roberta for tracking that down.

Joan Tayler said...

Thanks Roberta for tracking that down.

bettes bangles said...

Do you think that the brand of translucent clay makes any difference in the colors darkening upon baking? Just wondering.