Monday, March 5, 2012

Making Pretty

We have been busy at the studio. It still is an unfinished basement but we have decided to bring out some of our work to pretty it up and if someone passing trough wants to own something – well there it is.
Looking from the fibre studio into my space - still a ways to go.
Actually there has always been some work out but it has not so much been on display as it has failed to have been put away – I thing that I am more guilty of this that Kirsten or Carmen but there are always little balls of fluff competing with the little balls of clay. What can I say, we are well suited to working in the same space. Tolerance of others messes is a prerequisite of sharing a studio space.
Almost finish putting up the show.
On the other hand – today is the first Monday on the Month so I was off to Seymour ArtGallery to help with the installation on a new show. I have been doing this for the past few years and find it great to see art by a lot of artist with out having to attend opening – well actually I just enjoy putting up shows and there is always something new to learn. Today's show with collage and ceramics by Sunshine Coast artist, Kay Bonathan went up fast and pretty. Nice to something with other peoples art.

Kay's opening is tomorrow evening if you happen to be in North Vancouver.

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