Friday, March 23, 2012

Busy, Busy

44, 43, 42 Earrings - Dragons All

Last year self challenge buttons more Dragon Stamp

Busy times. Spending a lot of time at the studio getting ready for the season. I just had to post a few pairs for earrings that were made form my Dragon Parts rubber stamp texture sheet. The buttons are all from the same texture sheet.

Is this a blatant attempt to draw more attention to my new rubber stamp texture sheets? You betcha.

I have two dragon part texture sheets. One is made from rubber and the other is  made of translucent photopolymer. The photopolymer sheet is lower relief but both can be used in the same way. The rubber stamp is a little more versatile because it is deeper so you don't have to be quite as careful when doing mokumegane work.

 Well back to production.

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Polyanya said...

I've got them Joan, thank you they are gorgeous - just have to work out how to use them now?