Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Catching Up

Week 45 - Blossoms on black

Week 46 - Cinnabar
This has been a very busy month. Getting show applications in is one of my least favourite tasks but Carmen and I refreshed our shared studio and that was fun. We aren’t finished yet – pictures will arrive on this blog eventually.

It was nice to get over to Victoria to hang out with the Vancouver Island group. (Thank you Nancy for driving ) I wanted to give the group there a chance to get buy some of my rubber stamps and texture sheets before I put them up on Etsy. We had a great time ( at least I did). It was good to share ideas and energy.

I haven’t forgotten about the earring challenge. I am including a couple of pairs with this post. I have always liked the idea of the back of object holding a little extra. Sort of a surprise, so I have shown both sides of the earrings.

Now off again to try to catch up.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Both Sides Now

Reversible Shawl Pin
Working in a studio with two fibre artist has had an effect on me. First is was buttons, then drop spindles, then stitch markers and knitting needle. Now it is shawl pins, big shawl pins that do double duty. I make the two sides different and include two pins so a pin can be used with either side facing out. The ring is flat and curves a little in the direction that you wear it but will bend back the other way so you can get a whole different look. I have borrowed fibre to show the two faces of this shawl pin but they will work for hair too.

This is fun! I think that I will made a bunch of them!!! But all little different of course.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Making Lemonade

Week 47 – Drying Flowers 
An upbeat friend pointed out to me that having a bad left hand might be a good thing. I like drawing and I have been developing a line of texture sheets and stamps. The bad hand might just get me to focus more on that avenue of creativity. I will soon be unveiling some of my stamps.

And for the earrings of the week I was inspired by flowers hanging to dry. Simple millefiori canes reduced and recombined to give a slightly irregular shape. The stones are natural amber – I really like amber. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Bad Hand!

I have just received the diagnosis of osteoarthritis in my left hand. Are there any one handed cane makers out there that are willing to share secrets? 

I guess this makes this the -

Question of the month for February

Is there a tool or machine that will help someone with limited use of their left hand stretch canes?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Little Bits of Colour

Week 48 -  Candy Swirl
 Here is an answer to what to so with all those little bits of clay that result from a big clay sample session. I have used translucent clay between the little bits of colour to make a cane that reminds me of candy. Not my usual thing but it doesn’t hurt to do something goofy once in a while. Usually I just group the greens, yellows and blues and make and all purpose green. The other colours make an all purpose red, brown, or what ever.

Colours an process
What I am trying to do in clay is recreate the kind of colour charts that appeared in my old Graphics Master text from years ago. This book is still available on Amazon but I am not sure that the later versions have percentages of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black that make all process printing colours. My version is 2 and it looks like the publishers are up to number 8 now. Anyway Graphic Master colour charts are fun to look at if you are a colour enthusiast like me. They are well worth picking up at a yard sale or old book shop if you can find them.
Graphics Master one of many colour charts

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Its All About the Crows

Week 49 - Crows
East Vancouver has adopted the crow as its neighbourhood bird.

There is a main daily flight path across the city that runs from the goodies around the harbour to a rookery in Burnaby. Twice a day the sky will fill with birds on their daily commute. For this reason the Eastside Culture Crawl and many businesses have adopted the crow as their bird.

I have been making crow earrings, necklaces and whistle for a while now. They sell at the Craft House on Granville Island and the Craft House Shop Vancouver International Airport.

Crows are great birds to watch, though I know they are hated by most bird watcher. Like humans, and starling they are just too successful. They are still fun to watch. A couple of years ago I saw a great battle between my neighbours cat and a resident crow. The crow won leaving Jeff, the cat, hanging by his little white paws.

Jeff verses crow