Saturday, April 23, 2011

Week 18 – Nest Egg

Happy Easter.

These eggs are nestled in a batt of wool, silk and perhaps angel dust (or some thing like that). The eggs have to have to move quickly before there nest is spun into another marvelous skein of yarn.

The design for the eggs comes from a texture sheet “Sun Balloon” that I designed. I have just begun playing with it and mokumegane eggs seemed like a good start. I hope to have the texture sheet available for others to play with soon.

In the yard the fibre is in full bloom. Soon it will be spun into yarn and be knit hat and such then it will be time for buttons. All in good time.

Egg buttons in a bat

Fibre in bloom

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Week 17 – April Showers

It is beautiful out and the sun in shining, but it’s Vancouver so this will not last. Love that rain though, fingers webbed and boots on out I go. Well I love it now when I don’t have a soaking wet market tent to load into the station wagon. Rain on please now, not on August weekends and such.

This buttons come from a texture sheet I made using different sizes of tubes. Some times simple is better. A home made texture sheet and gold, blue and white sheet for mokumegane and Bob’s your uncle. Is there anyone out there that doesn’t have an uncle Bob? or Rob? or you know.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week 16 – Pipeline

I am not sure why I am calling these buttons Pipeline but the name is stuck in my head. Perhaps it is because the are all made with extruded canes that always remind me of pipes. Can’t quite figure that out either. These are simple but kind of fun.

I haven’t had a chance to do any clay work this week at all. Love my new space but it takes time to nest and I had forgotten all about the tax man. I believe that is why “April is the cruelest month”. It is not the paying taxes that gets to me but my aversion to clerical work. 

Among the delights are getting a new texture sheet back – more about that and soon as possible.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Week 15 – Vanhana – Vancouver is in Bloom!

Van for Vancouver and Hana for flower in Japanese.

I was brought up near Steveston BC which was largely a Japanese-Canadian Community in the 1960s. In the seventies I lived in Japan so I sometimes think that I am part Japanese by osmosis. I have always loves traditional Japanese design. It is part of how I draw and handle materials.

These buttons are all made with the same cane. Simple for those who make canes but it is fun to look at the same design in different ways.

It has been a busy week. I am still undergoing the euphoria of having a new studio. Lots of do – looking forward to next week.