Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rain and Bangles

Well, I almost dodged the rain bullet this past week end. No rain on Saturday but a satisfyingly dramatic rain storm on Sunday in Ladner. It as over and all was dry before pack-up so I was happy and dry as I drove home.

I have lots to do, from skull zipperpulls to angel ornaments but I have become a little obsessed with bangles. Actually I would like to make a chain of them but I must not indulge myself until Christmas is over. I really love January! Such freedom.

Friday, August 20, 2010

One Day at a Time

The big event today is that I actually found my camera and my chip reader at the same time. I have been working hard and have not taken nearly enough time keeping things straight. Today I am taking the new pasta machine to the studio for some serious conditioning – but only after I load the car for what is predicted to be a rainy week end at the markets - Saturday in the Westend and Sunday at Ladner. I will be glad to see those hardy souls who come to do their shopping and catch up on what has been going with the other vendors.

My desk – things are happening.

This is what happened.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dream of a Machine

It’s here and I hope it’s friendly. I just received the “Dream Machine” that I orders back in the middle of June. Nice shiny and I get to try out the motor today. I tried the hand crank yesterday – definitely more heavy duty than any pasta machine that I have tried. I am glad that I got the motor because I can see that cranking could get a little hard on the shoulder. I have some gold clay leaching, waiting for me to condition it.

In spite of the occasional blog entre I realize that this year my photo record is rather patchy. I think that I will start taking picture of the top of my work space just to show that there is activity.

This is the fist installment.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Bad Weather Makes Friends

Well Harmony Arts is over for another year. Friday and most of Sunday the weather was almost summer like but Saturday, that was a different mater.

I would like to thank all that came out to Harmony Arts Festival specially the hardy souls that ventured out on that cold misty Saturday, the Volunteers that stood by their post regardless of the weather and especially the other crafters that remained cheerful and supportive. Rainy days at out door craft fairs are the best way to get to know fellow artist/vendors and establish new friendships.

And here is a picture of trinket boxes because it was not the weather that I will casually take my camera out in.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back from Filberg

Thanks to all who visited my booth and especially to Lynn and Mary my “Wildish” tent neighbours. (Lynn Hudson’s Wildish Wear Hats cab also be seen at the Farmers Markets in Whistler, Duncan and Vancouver.)
Modeling is a serious business for this beauty. Ladybug barrettes were her chose for the day.

Friday I will have be a Harmony Arts festival in West Vancouver – I must get back to work.

Sophie and me

Wildish Wear and my booth.