Saturday, December 25, 2010

Seasons Greetings From Pentiction

Meyer's Lemon in a west facing window.

Amaryllis "Minerva" in the same window

This is it! From now on the days get longer. I am looking forward to the summer but not before the relatively laid back days of January, February and March. Horizons is coming in February and I am hoping to get it together this year to offer a few classes. I love polymer clay as a medium and enjoy sharing what I know. It also doesn't hurt to bay the rent in the months of no markets.

Rejoice the sun is up more and more each day. Time to plant seeds - both figurative and literal.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The ever popular bugs.

Saturday was a splendid Farmers Market and the end of the market year for me. Sunday a day of rest and Monday I received my acceptance to the Creative Chaos Craft Fair in Vernon at the beginning of June 2011. So away I go again chasing after markets for the new year. Markets are kind of like carnivals where you get to be the entertainment and know the other clowns and animals. When you setup, you see many familiar faces and there is a rush of adrenaline that gets you through the long days but best of all there is a feeling of family that they don’t all agree they are in it together even when there is a feeling of competition.

Nice light in the neighbourhood.

Stitch markers – a good idea?

Monday, December 6, 2010

All Done but One

This weekend is the Farmers Market at the Croatian Center. Always fun and it has the added attraction of being the last of the season. My mind is already planning next years activities but I also looking forward to knitting something out of Carmen wonderful wool. Just a little something before I get my hands back in the clay.

At Seymour Art gallery the Winter Market continues to until January 09, 2011. Sarah has done a great job of combining the work of many artists. Just look!

And in this white sea my little fish also get to swim.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Crawled Away and Circling Next Year

The Culture Crawl was a smashing success. We had over 1000 visitors through our living room. Circle Craft was also a success so I will be doing it again next year.

Thanks to Jem’s friend Irene for sending me this picture from Circle Craft.

Now there is the Christmas sale at Arts Off Main this weekend and the Farmers Market on December 11th then I can get back to the serious business of claying.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Crawl as Crept Up!!!

It's almost here! I will be ready! Please come by. The snow is not a deterrent to the regulars to the Eastside Culture Crawl.

Tomorrow my door will be open (just knock) at 5:00 PM. I will be happy to see you.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Full Circle

Well my first year at Circle Craft is over. It was great. Thanks to Mayu for getting me into the swing of things, Nancy and Ellen for helping me stay on the straight and narrow, Adrienna for her smile and retail savvy, and all the hands and minds that got me through is first big one. I will not forget the Max for not being too cool and Hugh for putting up with me.

But here is the news. There were four other artisans at the show that use polymer clay. Two of them were selling Christmas d├ęcor items exclusively. Then there is the wonderful Wanda Shum and Sophieori from Montreal.

Fairies, Angels and more from Vancouver Islands Mirella

Steve Griffith in a forest of his own creating

Wanda who will soon be off to shows in Alberta

Sophieori’s beautiful simplicity of Skinner blends

That’s it for today I am off to help put up the ‘Winter Gift Gallery at Seymour Art Gallery.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So This is It!

Starting at 10:00 this morning my first ever Real Big Show. My neighbour Mayu will be there to get me off to a good start. Thanks Mayu.

My booth already to go

Rain is forecasted but it is big warm and wonderful inside. I can’t wait to see how it looks finished. Yesterday I watch people setting up a forest of Christmas trees and there is a great long house with native artists. If we are not to busy it will be great to look around and it we are to busy that will be great too.

B124 – That’s me.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Almost in the Circle

It's almost here. Set up tomorrow and opening Wednesday. Production is done, packaging almost and ideas of what I will do when it is all over floor back into my mind. I can't wait to get back to making the new, the wonderful and the moderately useful. There are so many that have supported me in the last few months. In their help and tolerance. Now I just have to make it to next Sunday.

*B124 That's me!!! If you take the third entrance near the back
Click on this map for a larger printable image.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Circle Craft Coupons

A great craft fair coming soon and it is always good to get a bit of a deal on admission. Click on the logo or title to get a discount by ordering your tickets on line. Or click HERE to go to my website. Sent me an email with your address and I will send you a coupon.

I am looking forward to seeing lots of at my first Circle Craft Christmas Market..

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Getting Along Swimmingly

Passed worry. I am quite pleased with these latest sculptures. So much depends on a new drill press and a diamond bit. There is nothing like biting into rock to give a girl confidence. I love my drill press.

The largest fish is about 8 inches and the smallest is about 3 and a half

Friday, October 29, 2010

What me Worry


Boxes, key rings, eyeglass pin and perfume pen

Angels and decorations

Working hard
Making stuff
Market is coming must have enough.

18 days until Circle Craft Holiday Market. What me worry? Of course.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Taking Rejection Graceful and the Good Stuff

Unfortunately my entry to the Crawl Preview Show was not what the judges were looking for. It is hard not to get be a little dejected but I don’t do this stuff to be choosen for shows. One of the big perks is to have some one enjoy your work.

Detail from Crawl Preview Show entry.

My father-in-law looking at a little vase.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Everything Reminds Me of My Clay

Actually, I am only momentarily distracted from my mission to get ready for the biggest craft fair that I have ever participated in, Circle Craft Holiday Market. I am learning a lot – pressure gets more juice out of the lemon I guess. Still I am seduced my happy juxtapositions of colour. For that I am really grateful.

dinner prep


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Crawl Preview Show

The East Side culture crawl is fast approaching. The preview show at the Cultch (Eastside Cultural Centre).

“This year's show will take a unique approach by featuring not the final product, but the creative process itself. Presenting the viewer with a behind-the- scenes look at how different artists approach their work and give them a different perspective on art and art-making.”

I have submitted a picture of the process – I hope that it will make the grade. If not it was fun to do. I am looking forward to working with acrylics and pc together after the holiday rush.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sort of Like Cookie Dough, Sort of Like Glass

Cookies and candies - their's

Sort of like cookie dough, sort of like glass, polymer clay borrows properties from many mediums. Glass for example can be used to make millifiori patterns that are not unlike the patterns formed in sugar for Christmas candies or a cookie dough log from which you can cut a series of spirals or pumpkin faces cookies.

Millifiori glass beads - their's

I became interested in this medium when I bought some to entertain children. I soon realized its enormous potential. It can be mixed like paint and formed like clay. Once it is cooked it is resilient enough to make practical things like buttons and whistles, yet versatile enough to make paintings and jewelry.

Buttons and whistles - mine

I love this medium. It has seduced me away from other mediums – Sure I still love to draw but the drawings are most likely plans for what I will make next from polymer clay.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Getting with the Drift

The Drift is coming. Last year was a blast! I would like the same sort of weather this year. Fingers crossed.

“Showcasing local Vancouver artists working in all media. The event is free to the public and takes place in shops, cafes, galleries and open studios all along Vancouver’s go-to destination for art, design and great food: Main Street!”

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

End of the Season

Last weekend was the last of my outdoor summer market. Saturday was surprisingly nice. The crowd at Trout lake was cheerful and there was a good feeling about the place. When I went to the front of my booth to tidy things up I found two leaves on the table. Whether they fell there or were left I don’t know but they were a letter to me that the season was over; only one more day to go and that was Ladner Market on Sunday.

Sunday all the rain that held off on Saturday came down. Set up in the rain, take down in the rain, but with all that there was a great energy. An amazing number of loyal patrons of the market were there to wind up the market for another year.

I have a new phone that lets me take pictures – I was not going to take my camera out in the rain unless I could give it my full attention. So now I have a camera with me most of the time. I like this a lot.

Here is the Chili Tank on the rare occasion that people were not lined up to get a hot tasty lunch. It was perfect Chili Tank weather.

So until next season.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rain and Bangles

Well, I almost dodged the rain bullet this past week end. No rain on Saturday but a satisfyingly dramatic rain storm on Sunday in Ladner. It as over and all was dry before pack-up so I was happy and dry as I drove home.

I have lots to do, from skull zipperpulls to angel ornaments but I have become a little obsessed with bangles. Actually I would like to make a chain of them but I must not indulge myself until Christmas is over. I really love January! Such freedom.

Friday, August 20, 2010

One Day at a Time

The big event today is that I actually found my camera and my chip reader at the same time. I have been working hard and have not taken nearly enough time keeping things straight. Today I am taking the new pasta machine to the studio for some serious conditioning – but only after I load the car for what is predicted to be a rainy week end at the markets - Saturday in the Westend and Sunday at Ladner. I will be glad to see those hardy souls who come to do their shopping and catch up on what has been going with the other vendors.

My desk – things are happening.

This is what happened.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dream of a Machine

It’s here and I hope it’s friendly. I just received the “Dream Machine” that I orders back in the middle of June. Nice shiny and I get to try out the motor today. I tried the hand crank yesterday – definitely more heavy duty than any pasta machine that I have tried. I am glad that I got the motor because I can see that cranking could get a little hard on the shoulder. I have some gold clay leaching, waiting for me to condition it.

In spite of the occasional blog entre I realize that this year my photo record is rather patchy. I think that I will start taking picture of the top of my work space just to show that there is activity.

This is the fist installment.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Bad Weather Makes Friends

Well Harmony Arts is over for another year. Friday and most of Sunday the weather was almost summer like but Saturday, that was a different mater.

I would like to thank all that came out to Harmony Arts Festival specially the hardy souls that ventured out on that cold misty Saturday, the Volunteers that stood by their post regardless of the weather and especially the other crafters that remained cheerful and supportive. Rainy days at out door craft fairs are the best way to get to know fellow artist/vendors and establish new friendships.

And here is a picture of trinket boxes because it was not the weather that I will casually take my camera out in.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back from Filberg

Thanks to all who visited my booth and especially to Lynn and Mary my “Wildish” tent neighbours. (Lynn Hudson’s Wildish Wear Hats cab also be seen at the Farmers Markets in Whistler, Duncan and Vancouver.)
Modeling is a serious business for this beauty. Ladybug barrettes were her chose for the day.

Friday I will have be a Harmony Arts festival in West Vancouver – I must get back to work.

Sophie and me

Wildish Wear and my booth.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Delights of Taking Inventory

I am longing to make things but there is a delight in counting and packing. Looking at the past – “Did I really make that? Gross! That one will never is the light of day again!” or “Hey, that’s not bad.” Packing, signage, finishing and finding displays then off to Vancouver Island on Thursday.

I am not good at events – big, markets, Christmas – but once I am there they are fun. Looking forward to seeing market friend at Filberg and this year I am lucky enough to have my daughter Sophie there to help, next year at this time she will likely be in Ontario so this year is special.