Friday, December 18, 2009

These Little Froggies go to Market

The end is near. The last market of the year is at Heritage Hall tomorrow. The Women's Holiday Market is always good fun but this year it is overshadowed for me by the arrival of my daughter from her first semester at university in Ontario. However, I have survived the Farmers Holiday Market and enjoyed it all and I am all restocked for Saturday.

I am almost in the Christmas spirit.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Seduced by Colour Again

The Farmers Holiday Market is the Saturday and I am playing with clay. There is a reason. My clay demo at the Holiday market. I am preparing this morning and as usual am not as on track.
Tomorrow I am at Arts Off Main minding shop and carding new work for Saturday. Maybe someone will drop by for a sneak peek at the new stuff.

Come to the Farmers Market here is some great crafters and yummy stuff. Besides you can pad the audience for my little demo. 3:00 centre stage - a little stage. Now I am going to play with colour again and pretend that am getting ready or my preformance. Which is my best side? - who cares.