Thursday, June 18, 2009

Home Again Home Again

I am back in the city now. It is home but the air is not so clean and the life is different. There is work to be done and beads to be make and markets to prepare for.
Still is nice to think of the country.

Jen and Chris of Jay Springs Lamb have a great place where city girl Sophie can go and help out and be helped to get back to here desired country roots. She stayed for only a week this time and I was only there for one day but it was great. Thanks Jen, Chris and Maggie for allowing us to share their world for a while.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wildlife on the Horizon

I am getting ready for a one week group show at Seymour Art Gallery. It is part of the Seymour Art Festival that happens every other year. The part of the show that I participate in is from June 23 to June 28. I helped install the first show - Wild Women - on Monday. It is always exciting to see what people will come up with. This first in the series is really fun.

The art festival is a great way to work with other artists and explore new ideas. More posts as the date approaches.

I am leaving tomorrow for a few days in the interior in spite of the fact that I have too much work to do. Summer always leads to a struggle whether to stay home to work and love my garden or to adventure out to see the greater world. Sophie and I hope to hit the road early tomorrow.